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Rofl =D

This was pretty fun, just clicking my mouse, and YES I DID CLICK MY MOUSE, NO MACROS. I got about 1,300 I think, Took me a while becuase i'm boring, cool game!


N5 responds:

Thanks for playing!


It was really fun, You need to finish this! It was sorta slow at the start, I thought my comp was lagging you could change that. Oh also, have a selection of music, socres and ect. Keep goin.


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Darksunda responds:

yeh i realised it lagged a bit at the beginning, but i didn't find out until i played it at a friends house, because for some reason it didn't lag on my pc. Thanks for the tips!

Great idea!

It was a great idea, but it could be improved vastly, add more music (It got annoying) and more chioses too, also make it looks better, add more colouts then just white.


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This is really fun :)

This is a really fun game, it's easy to do and addictive, The only complaint I have is that the music actually plays twice and doesn't sound so good when It gets in depth, you should also add other music too. Keep going!


Addicting =D

I've been playing this game for almost a week, im a CEO, i've got the sports car, got all the stuff for my house, now im just saving for the castle, I WANT IT! Its so addictive, I can't wait till Stick RPG 2!

-- Things to improve --
Make it longer, and make the battles better.

Make more stuff within the game, more houses jobs, ect ect.

~ Medinus

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This IS cool!

This is really fun :D I just wish newgrunds really was that easy, seriously, it was great.

-- Things to improve --
Get more rewards after getting all the stickers.

Make it longer!

~ Medinus

This is so fun!

I love this game and i've been playng it for days! It fun, I think you should make number 2.

-- Things to improve --
Add some cooler music, or a music changer

More equipment, ore and have a range of differn't tanks to use.

~ Medinus


This must'a been a damn hard game to script, It was pretty fun, though it just seemed slow.

-- Things to imrpove --
Make the whole game feel faster, It just felt slow.

Make it longer man : )

~ Medinus

Was really good.

It was pretty good, and really fun, for a while I guess, it DID get kinda repietitive.

-- Things to improve --
Improve the music, that same music dronining on and on was really annoying.

Make the gameplay more fun, all you're really doing is shooting arrows.

~ Medinus


Fun! I just love these zombie killing games, but, It DID seem to get a bit repetitive after a while.

-- Things to improve --
Add some music.

Make it so more stuff happens, I was doing the same thing over and over.

~ Medinus

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