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I'm going to limit myself.

2007-12-28 02:28:57 by Medinus

Yeah, i'm going to limit myself, to 2 Flash Movies a month (Proably 1, or maybye just be away for a long time). I doubt not many of you care, maybye about 2 or 3 people, but I just thought I'd say. I've been doing flash way to much this month and most of the time on Christmas Day I sat upstairs on my Computer like a sad asshole and now I really regret it. It's been effecting my health too, Sleeping habits and stuff. I'm glad most of you understand but while you're out there getting Social Lives i'm stuck in my room like a hermit. I hope you can understand this is for my own good. :)

But HEY! at least i'm not gone.


Oh and heres a new movie i'm working on.... with a friend, won't be out for a while though, cya.

I'm going to limit myself.